Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cirque Colors X Live.Love.Polish store exclusives

Olvasd MAGYARUL                                                                                                                                 PR sample

These three Live.Love.Polish store exclusives from Cirque Colors just launched yesterday. They are called New Year New York collection, and as the name suggest, they are inspired of New York and all the glitz and glam of a New Year party :)


 It's a pink toned red metallic-holo polish with an amazing pigmentation. For some people it can be a 1 coater, but I used 2 coats here, just to be sure.

It's a darker medium grey jelly with holo flakes.
I used 2 coats and topcoat. 

You must have thinking how it compares to piCture pOlish Winter, so here's how. Winter has smaller holo flakes and it's a little bit lighter in color.

It's a clear based glitter topper. I try to list what's in it: light pink squares, gold hexes in different sizes, silver holo crescent moons, silver and gold holo stars, silver holo triangles, silver holo hexes in different sizes.
It's a really interesting and pretty combination, however, I wasn't completely satisfied with the application. The clear base is a little bit too runny, so the glitters slip down the brush faster, which means you will have to dip the brush multiple times to get the right amount of glitters in a nail. Also, the heavier glitters (moon, star, triangle) can sink down in the bottle, and you will have to fish for them pretty hard.
It's really pretty, but to be hones I can't remember the last time when I used a glitter topper in my day to day manicures.  

 Over Rooftop Soiree.
 Over a black creme base.

Would I buy them all if I would live in the US? Absolutely! But, since the international shipping prices are quite expensive at Live.Love.Polish I suggest thinking it twice.
They are beautiful, but for me personally they are not that unique. Of course if they would be blues or teals I would probably sceaming and crying and tearing all my hair out while I put them one by one into my cart :D

What do you think about all of that?

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  1. I LOVE that red but I cannot afford the US dollar plus the shipping fees---just way too much :(