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Colors by Llarowe | Summer 2016

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Hi everyone! Today I have a long and picture heavy post of the Colors by Llarowe Summer 2016 collection. To be honest, I was expecting more bright, neon shades, but in the end it's a pretty darn good collection, so who cares about neons :D
It's a 12 piece collection (there's also a 4pcs sub-collection that I will show you later today) with a good variety of shades and finishes.
There are some shades that I'm absolutely in love with, and there's a couple that are not necessary my cup of tea, but let's cut the chit-chat and see how they look like! :)

(Oh, and btw. I tested every shade for 1 day - with and without basecoat - and NON OF THEM stained yaaaay!)

 It's one of my faves from the collection, though this green is really hard to photograph, my pictures are not 100% color accurate, but God knows I tried everything. It's a bright, cold green, but it's a "fake" green color, so you can't find this green shade in nature. It's a jelly formula with gold to pink mikroflakies. It's a favorite of mine, even though I'm wearing 4!!! coats in these photos. The thing is, that the flakies covering quite well, but they are irredescent, so they are there in one lighting, and they are gone in the second, and the nail lines are showing. You probably can get away with 3 coats though, but I did a 4th, just to be sure. Anyway, it's a gorgeous polish (kinda reminds me of a watermelon), but I wanted to let you know that you might will need 4 coats if you're sensitive for the sight of nail lines :D

I really like this one too! It's a light, pastel mint with slight blue undertones. It's similar to PP Tiffany, but this one is more white based and even a bit bluer. And of course this contains gold to pink microflakes too, which are more prominent in real life.
I needed 3 normal coats, but be careful with it, because it's prone to streaking if you overwork it. Use 3-4 light brushstrokes, and there will be no problem.  

Another huge favorite of mine, the perfect pool blue-green shade 💙
 It has a nice, slightly scattered linear holo effect too, so it's the ultimate Summer shade, love it so much! It has a bit jellier base, so I needed 3 thin coats.

Persian green (cold toned green, almost teal) with aqua flash. It has a strong linear holo. This one has slightly jellier formula too, so I applied 3 thin coats.
Love it, such a nice color!

It's a rosy pink intensive linear holo with slight lavender flash. OMG that holo <3
It has an awesome formula, I applied 2 coats.  

Love, love, love this polish, it looks stunning in every light! It's a periwinkle blue scattered holo base with gold to pink microflakies. Awww it's so gorgeous! The shimmer flakies are really intense!
Depending on your application you will nedd 2-3 coats, but it has an awesome formula, no streaks or anything.

It's a medium pink, like a nicely ripe raspberry pink. It has a jellier formula with scattered holo and irredescent microglitters. I used 3 thin coats, and it doesn't dries textured. 

All right, this polish is just simply WOW! It couldn't be more Fall/Winter, but I just don't care, I'm gonna wear it all year round, I love it to pieces!
It's really hard to describe, but let's say that it's a grey/steel blue scattered holo with a lavender-purple shimmer shift. But of course you can see so much more in this polish, it changes all the time.
Awesome pigmentation and formula, I used 2 easy coats.

The polish that I want to love so badly, but it just doesn't look good on my skintone :(
I often have this with nude shades, it's really hard to find a good one that matches to my skintone. On me, Fire Down Below is a nude-ivory shade with slight grey-green tone. It has scattered holo and gold to pink microflakies, that are quite intensive, the crelly base doesn't overpower them.
It has a nice formula, it's much better than Rendered Speechless, you will need 2-3 coats depending on your application and nail length. 

 It's a medium-deep royal blue jelly with silver shimmer. It has a bit thicker formula (which I like), and I used 3 normal coats, but I still can see some nail lines (not as bad as in the pictures though, I used strong lights, so they show more than they actually are).

It's basically the same as Lisa's Revenge,  but in deep-deep purple. It has the same, slightly thicker formula (but it's easy to work with), and I used 3 normal coats, but still there's some vnl.

Pink toned deep red with silver shimmer.
Same as the 2 above, I used 3 coats. 

So, what do you think about the CbL Summer 2016 collection? Do you have favorites? Tell me down in the comments! :)

This collection (and the 4 crellies/shimmers) will be available for pre-order on on May 26th 12PM-8PM MST. They are already available through stockists like Nailland, Hypnotic Polish, Mei Mei's Signatures or Rainbow Connection UK.

Don't forget, I will be coming with the 4 piece Summer sub-set later today!

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