Tuesday, April 19, 2016


MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       Nothing to disclose!

You probably way over Nail Art Fashion Week, but if you want to see my manicures again, then this post is for you! :)
I was so happy when I saw the first post that there will be a NAFW tis year again! I participated last year, and it was so much fun, I really enjoyed creating fashion inspired nail designs for a whole week, so I started to go through Vogue's fashion show galleries and I picked my favorites.
Just like last year, we had to be inspired by the following themes:

All of my manicures were created 100% freehand, mostly with acrylic paint, but I will have a product list when I used nail polishes too. Now let's begin!

Just like last year, I've chosen Iris van Herpen as favorite designer. I just always adore her futuristic, "alien-like" take on things, my favorites are the 3D printed dresses.
This dress is not my favorit from the Fall 2016 collection, but this was the only one that I could (sort of) paint on my nails :D
I'm not 100% satisfied with this one, my line work is not the best, but I like the overall look.
Done with acrylic paint.

The second day was for bags. I really liked Versace's bags this Fall 2016 collection, I would actually wear them (if I would have that kind of money :D ). I've chosen the most detailed one.
Done over a white base, coral polish is Essence off to miami, the rest is acrylic paint.

I couldn't really find too much shoes that I liked, and I actually don't really like these Dior shoes either, but the print/colors are amazing, and I think it looks awesome on the nails as well.
Black + white base + acrylic paint.

 We had to be inspired by our favorite fashion trend. I really like floral, geometric, color blocking, but what I love the most is Mix and Match patterns and/or textures. This Ungaro dress is an amazing exaple for that.
I really like how this turned out, I'm really proud of it, it's my favorite from the 7 designes I did.
Done with acrylic paint over a white base.

Next, we had to choose a fashion blogger/style icon. I almost didn't made anything, because I don't really follow any fashion bloggers, but then @songofstyle posted a cute floral dress on her Instagram, and I knew that's gonna be the one!
Navy base is Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue, nude base is Sally Hansen Shore-ly!, rest is acrylic paint.

 I didn't knew Carven before, but somehow I find their clothes, and I was amazed by some of their prints. Well, this day's inspiration had to be a "Fall 2016 dress" and this is not technically a dress, but I don't really care :D
Base gradient was done with Golden Rose Rich Color 50, Seche Coral, Catrice Be My Violetine and Sally Hansen Thinking of Blu, rest is acrylic paint. I never could paint pretty hands, so yeah, those are rather ugly LOL but I like the overall look.

Last day is for runway nail arts. This is kind of my rest day, because there aren't too much complication in runway nail art, which is kinda understandable. Anyway, I've chosen these wavy (blue tiger print? maybe) Kenzo nails.
Base is Miss Sporty Quickdry 470, waves are Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue and OPI Push and Shove.

I hope that this initiative will continue years after years, because it's such a great challenge!
Thanks again for all the hosts and especially Maria (@so_nailicious) <3

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  1. Beautiful manis and I LOVE those Christian Dior shoes!