Thursday, February 04, 2016

Born Pretty Store holo/shell sticker

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 I was eyeing with these "shell paper" things for a while, but I was afraid that the sticker (because it's a sticker, it's not a water slide decal) won't stick to my curved nails. Well, my curiosity won the battle, so I choosed this item too, to put it in my next Born Pretty Store review package.
It's kind of hard to search for this item in the website, because it's under the 'Nail Glitter' section (??!! why?), but if you write 'shell paper' in the search bar, you can find all the colors and patterns that's available.
In the picture below you can see that underneath the holo, it has an abalone shell pattern. It has a really storng and beautiful "shattered" holo effect, as you can also see in the picture below.

The sticker itself is not that big, it's 3x7cm, but it's going to be enough for at least 5x10 nails (if you use approximately the same amount of sticker that I used in my nail art). You have to peel off the white underlayer to reveal the stickyness of the sticker, but of course you have to cut it into little pieces first! The sticker is not too thick, but of course it's way more thick than a water decal.

We can cut any shapes out of it, a simple stripe can look awesome too, but today I tried the 'shattered glass' design, so I cut triangles and other angular forms out of it. I used both bigger and smaller pieces. This sticker is not suitable to use it on the whole nail (as a 1 piece), because it's too thick and stiff for that.

Some tips and tricks:
- If you have a really strong C curve, use smaller pieces to prevent peeling.
- You have to be really careful with the edges/tips of the sticker (durint the cutting, peeling off the underlayer and putting it onto the nails), because if you bend the tips even a little bit, they never going to stick on the nails, and they will start to peel off after a day or so.
- Use 2 coats of topcoat, because I used only 1 and I feel it wasn't enough.
- Don't put the sticker too close to the edges of your nails, because that's where it starts to peel of the easiest.
- Be careful with the topcoat, because it can bubble up near the sticker.

I wore this nail art for 2 days to test out how well it lasts. It lasted pretty well, but I had some issues with some peeling (no more than 1mm), but those were my fault (I sticked it too close to my nail edges or the sticker tips were a little bit bent before I put them onto my nails). But after all, I was impressed with this product, and next time I will be more careful (I will follow my tips and tricks :D ). Btw. this shattered glass design is a lot more durable than the original foil method (like THIS), it's never going to peel off that badly!
You can find this item HERE, use my code CSBQ10 for 10% off.


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