Wednesday, December 16, 2015

4 Festive Nail Art with Cirque Colors Nail Polishes

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Today I'm going to show you not one, but four nail art that I created lately, using Cirque Colors nail polishes that I got for review. I tried to make them festive and Christmassy, but I didn't succeded in every case :D
I wanted to use all 9 nail polishes that I got, so I created 3 colour groups. For the first one, I paired a silver, a red holo and a green nail polish.

For this first nail art my inspiration was a candy cane. I used Reflector, a highly reflective, metallic flakie polish as a base. I think using a silver instead of white makes the whole design a lot more festive and blingy of course :D I freehanded the diagonal lines with Madder. Both Madder and Reflector is part of the Holiday 2015 collection btw., you can read my review about them HERE.
This simple stripy version looks great on it's own, but I couldn't just leave it simple like that, you know me, I like to complicate things :D

So I outlined every red stripe with white acrylic paint, which was a big task, mostly because I have really curved nails, so it was quite hard to make those diagonal lines (they didn't turned out to be the best, but in a normal distance you couldn't really see how croocked they are :D). I added a green bow on 2 nails with Taver on the Teal to finish the design.
I tink this nail art looks really festive and this is my favorite out of these four manicures.

For the second nail art I wanted to create a knitted sweather pattern (something like THIS), but I had to realise that I can't make the little rhombus things small enough to make a pretty pattern out of them, so I just went with a "stripy" one instead. My base was Topless in Times Square, then I painted on vertical lines with dark brown acrylic paint. I put dots on the lines, and then I connected the dots, this is how this knited effect was made. It looked pretty at first, but then I started to paint it in with the red (Rouge Rockefeller) and the brown (Glitterati) polish, but I had to go back and retouch the dark brown lines, and I messed up the pattern multile places, so it's not the most precise thing ever. Of course it still looked awesome from a distance :D

My last colour combo turned out to be my favorite. Medium grey + navy blue + rosegold = perfection <3 I created a gradient with Concrete Jungle and Midnight Cowboy, and then I freehanded this geometric design with Halcyon. It looks really cool, but the transition itself is in cover, so I decided to try out another pattern.
(You can read my review about the creme colors HERE, and you can find my review about Halcyon HERE)

So my base was the same: grey + blue gradient. I went with a really simple, kind of "starry sky" theme, so the gradient can show up more. I freehanded some bigger stars and some dots.
I like this version too.

What was your favorite design out of this 4?

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  1. Oh wow what great manis :-D

    My favourite is the first one :-D <3