Friday, August 21, 2015

Vintage Sailor

Today's WNAC theme was mint+lilac (within the main theme summer). For me, this 2 colour is not really summery, I think I've never used these colors together before. So I was a bit confused, but in the end I decided to do a sailor mani, because I haven't done any this summer, so why not?
Surprisingly the colours turned out to be really nice together (although it's still doesn't scream summer to me...), the overall impression is quite vintage-y in my opinion :)
I used 2 nail polishes, Models Own Jade Stone and Morgan Taylor Dress Up, but I used these oly for my basecolour. For the patterns I used acrylic paints (I mixed the colors, so they match the nail polishes). Besides the stripes in my ringfinger (which were created with nail vinyls) everything is freehand!
"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor"...yeah, I know, I have to work on that lettering though :D

What do you think about this nail art? :)


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