Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SWATCH | Dance Legend - Holy Diver

I was eyeing this one for a long time, but I missed out the first launch at Nailland, so I had to wait quite a bit. But now it's on stock again, so I bought it! As looking at the swatches, I was expecting a blue-ish teal, but I think it has a bit more green in person than blue. Anyways, I love it!
I used 2 coats, but looking at the pictures I think I would've nedded 3 coats, but the VNL (visible nail line) was not that annoying at all, but next time I rather use 3 coats. I also used a topcoat, but it has a nice gloss on it's own too (but you know...topcoat is not optional :D).
Sadly it discolored my nails, but not my cuticles, so it's not too terrible. I always wear something on my nails, so it's not a big deal for me if it's discolored a little bit, but if it would discolored my cuticles...well, that would've been another stroy.
Also, in person it's a LOOOOT more holo than I could show that in my pictures. It has an amazing, rainbow holographic effect, that will amaze you all the time, and won't let you to look anything else, but your nails :D


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